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Volume 9, 2020 Year
·Application value of 3D printing technology in spinal surgery
·Study on the safety and effectiveness of 3D printed artificial vertebral body reconstruction after en bloc resection of thoracolumbar tumor
·The effect of 3D printed individualized artificial vertebra on spinal stability reconstruction after multi-level spinal tumor resection: an exploratory clinical study
·The application of 3D printed customized titanium alloy cage in the treatment of congenital cervical scoliosis
·3D printed custom-made prosthesis for spinal stability reconstruction in the thoracolumbar spine following total en bloc resection of giant cell tumor
·Clinical observation on the application of customized 3D printed prosthetic body weight in the treatment of axial tumors
·Reconstruction of the spinopelvic stability after total en bloc sacrectomy using a 3D-printed sacral endoprosthesis
·Analysis on 3D CT imaging of lateral atlantoaxial joints in patients with old odontoid fracture and atlantoaxial dislocation
·Experimental and finite element study on the stress of thoracolumbar spine during backward fall
·The application of 3D-printed prostheses in spinal reconstruction after vertebral tumor resection
·Research progress on the characteristics and pathomechanism of the ligamentum flavum in the lumbar
·Clinical study of neural stem cells in the treatment of spinal cord injury and its problems
·Customized 3D printed artificial vertebral reconstruction after en bloc spondylectomy of a multiple thoracic chondroblastoma: a case report
·Intervention in the iliac artery embolization in treatment of lumbar posterior surgery delay branch of iliac blood vessels rupture: a case report
·Thalassemia complicated with spinal cord compression caused by paraspinal and thoracic intraspinal extramedullary hematopoiesis: a case report