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malpractice statement

In order to ensure the academic and scientific nature of the Chinese Journal of Spine and Spinal Cord, we will strengthen the academic morality and academic standard construction, create a good academic atmosphere of academic journals and ensure the healthy development of scientific undertakings. We publish this moral statement and wish to participate in the publication of the Side to work together to comply with ethical norms, purification of scientific research environment.

Reviewer's Responsibilities:

Editorial decision: reviewers advise on manuscripts and help improve the author's thesis. If the reviewers believe other review experts and the paper authors, other reviewers are those who are interested in the association, should immediately notify the editor in order to replace the other reviewers. Reviewers can not bring personal color, to deal with the views to explain the reasons in detail.

Citation Confirmation: The specialist should determine whether there is a case in the literature that is related to the published work in this article and should consider whether there is a significant similarity or overlap between the manuscript and the published article.

Conservative: Received review of the manuscript, peer review information or views should be regarded as confidential documents. You may not reproduce, reproduce, disclose or discuss with others unless authorized by the editorial authority, and it is strictly forbidden to disclose the manuscript information to any author, company or competition authority related to the paper. (Including but not limited to: imitation of the experiment in the article used to publish, published in their own academic conference, discuss the results and information, etc.).

Editorial Responsibilities:

Fair and impartial: editor is the only person to decide the publishment of the paper, the editorial staff should be fair and impartial assessment of manuscripts, based on the importance of the paper, originality and content clarity, the article editorial processing.

Mutual respect: the editor and the author of mutual cooperation, to fully respect the author's personality, academic point of view and creative style, in the common goal of serving the reader, both respect for the work of the author, safeguard the rights and interests of the author, and in strict accordance with the standard choice Manuscripts. It is necessary to adhere to the principle, but also pay attention to methods, and the author timely exchange of views, through friendly consultations to discuss, so that the problem properly resolved.

Conservative secret: editorial staff shall not be with the content of the article, the views of the existence of stakeholders related to the organization to disclose any documents and comments and other information. The unpublished material disclosed in the paper shall not be transferred to others without the express written consent of the author.

Author's Responsibilities:

Detailed report: the author should be in accordance with national regulations cited references, and is strictly prohibited copy excerpts of others articles. The author of the original research report should be accurate description of the work carried out, accurate reporting of basic data, and its significance to an objective discussion. The author should keep sufficient details and references in the review document to allow others to repeat the experiment. Fraud or knowingly inaccurate description will constitute a paper fraud, the author should bear the corresponding consequences. The author may be asked to provide paper-related raw data for editorial review, the original data must be retained after the release of more than five years to prepare for review.

If the manuscript has been published at an academic conference or published in an internal publication, or published in other languages, please submit the paper at the time of submission. To be specified in detail, such as: part of this article was published in the meeting.

Signature information: Copyright should be limited to those who make a significant contribution to the concept, design, implementation or interpretation of the report. All those who make a significant contribution should be listed as co-authors, and the corresponding authors will confirm that all co-authors have approved the final version of the paper. The magazine has a detailed copyright signature form, the first author, the author of the communication signed, the unit issued a certificate before it can be submitted to the publication. All authors should publish a statement that truthfully interprets the source of the manuscript or other organization associated with the manuscript.

Correct the error: the author found himself published works in the event of a major error or inaccurate, the author is obliged to promptly notify the magazine editor or publisher, and with the editor to correct or correct the form of correction, and published in the journal, Have the right to explain and dispose of it.

Publisher's Responsibility:

Publishers should work closely with the magazine, if the article is suspected or confirmed by the existence of scientific misconduct, fraudulent publication or plagiarism, and other violations of the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, will take all appropriate measures to clarify the situation and modify the relevant Articles, issued errata, if necessary, to recover printed products.


The above provisions from the date of promulgation, the editorial department of all staff, editorial board of all members, authors, publishers, the community can be the above moral conventions to monitor and report.